General contractor, tailored solutions

GHIBLI Srl operates as a general contractor in Europe designing “turnkey solutions” on time and on budget. We design tailored solutions and customised services with craft expertise and skill. We aim for maximum quality in every step: from the drafting of the executive projects to the completation of the work.

About us

What we do

We operate as general contractor throughout Europe, designing tailor-made services. Together with our clients we study the specific needs to define customized solutions and develop a complete support. Our certified model allowing this to handle every stage in design accurately and effectively, working along the lines of an industrial process by simultaneously paying attention to specific details and the overall result.


Precision in processes and design made in italy

We focus on top quality at every stage in the process from the drawing up of executive projects to the actual completion of the works.



Rigor in process

Design Made in Italy


Where we work

We operate all over Italy and in various European countries through a widespread network of highly loyal professionals.

We are ready to take on global challenges.